Palette is an online diary that layers and mixes thoughtful notes on a variety of topics.



I'm Bernadette, a New York City based artist. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Andrew, and a Shiba Inu named Rocky. We are expecting our first baby, a girl, this Spring. 






Images and Artwork

Palette is principally original content. The majority of photographs, illustrations and handwriting on this website are my own. Any other images are always caption credited to the proper source. The style stories are shot by Andrew.  Please credit this website or my studio when re-posting. 


sponsored Posts and affiliate linking

Palette is free of sponsored posts and ads. Any featured products and places are written about only because I wanted to share it. Occasionally, I will receive a free item from a brand that I truly enjoy and will always disclose that in the post. All of my art collaborations with companies are kept separate from this blog, you can view my portfolio here. The style stories may contain affiliate links to Net-a-porter or Matches Fashion.