Unknown Pleasures


A book I couldn’t put down, reading through the 300 some pages in two consecutive evenings. At some points reading out loud passages to share with Andrew. Like a proper rock biography should, Peter Hook’s recent book Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, gives ripe insight into a myth. Joy Division has always been on repeat in my life, especially when I first moved to New York City twelve years ago. Two solid albums I could listen to forever and every time, it always sounds so good. I admire them not only for their music but the way that at such a young age they took cues from existing inspiration that they loved and appropriated that into something completely their own. Timeless and modern, everything from the way they dressed with their neat button downs and Ian Curtis’ iconic trench coat (in the book it is said that it was given away to a thrift shop, that thought just kills me) to the collaborations with Peter Saville on their album covers.

This book also looks quite beautiful, with a black pulsar cover and black edged pages. A total pleasure to read.