Palette Places: Breakfast In St. Tropez

This rainy breakfast in St. Tropez was very simple, but ended up being one of the best mornings…  


Originally, Alicia and I had planned on checking out the Tuesday flea market early before breakfast that day. We found ourselves caught in a heavy rainstorm mid stroll, so we grabbed some strawberries (seriously, why are these so good in France) plus a bunch of other fruit and decided to just head back to our hotel.


We had made friends with the staff at Ermitage Hôtel quickly, after our first night’s stay, due to us crashing their staff karaoke party (oops) and partying a little too hard. The hotel was celebrating the end of the season and had been packing everything up. The night before they had left us alone with the entire empty hotel all to ourselves, which was strange and also kind of fun.


So that morning they took us in like two drowned cats and made us coffee while we sat by the bar, cozy with the windows open and the rain pouring all around. We ate our market fruit and told stories. It was kind of perfect. Then the sun came out for good and we were able to fully enjoy everything about Saint-Tropez.



Where we stayed


Ermitage Hôtel, watching sunsets from a pink Brigitte Bardot room.


Where we ate


rue des Remparts, located in the old part of St. Tropez, which Brigitte Bardot described as the most romantic part of town. We did one fancy dress up dinner at the hotel, and the rest of the time we just wanted something really laid back, which is a tough find given it’s St. Tropez. Le Mazagran and La Pesquiere on rue des Remparts was just what we were looking for.

Le Sénéquier café, bright red, seeing a different world go by on the harbor.


What we saw


Plage des Graniers, x Dezso

Plage du Pampelonne, beautiful warm blue water and white sand dotted with beach clubs.

La Citadelle, walk to the top.

Shops, see my shopping guide here - Hermès, Eres and sandales tropeziennes. The pretty Dior boutique designed by Peter Marino is also worth a look.

Place des Lices, flea market


After Saint-Tropez, it was on to Saint-Paul de Vence...


Credits: Photos and handwriting by me.