Notes: Sea of Love

Summer, Mediterranean. Photo by me. 

Summer, Mediterranean. Photo by me. 

Winter, Persimmo  ns. Illustration by me. 

Winter, Persimmons. Illustration by me. 


I should start where I left off, which was this past summer. I was very lucky to have my first summertime dip in a glassy stretch of the Ionian Sea. Soon after, it was the crisp Adriatic, followed by the perfect warm waters of the blue Mediterranean. This little tour was part of my belated honeymoon in Italy. Andrew and I had always planned on celebrating the our first anniversary this way. I wanted a place that we both had never seen, so Italy it was. We explored the Puglia region, made a stop at the Coppola hotel in Bernalda and then scratched the surface of Sardinia for a week. Each day, doing everything and nothing all at once. And it was amazing. 


Coming back home to Brooklyn, we discovered that we had with us a surprise souvenir. I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. We celebrated with a couple of Long Island beach trips, trawling around happily in the vintage ’95 Range Rover that Andrew got us earlier that summer so we could escape the city on a whim. Those initial weeks to follow I didn’t feel any different. Towards the end of summer, difficult pregnancy symptoms started to fully sink in. I was put on bed rest per doctors orders, which explains part of my radio silence. The bigger half of the explanation being that it is obvious I haven't been into blogging or social media for the past two years. 


I have taken extended breaks on and off from both to focus on self-care and living in the real moment. I feel more satisfied and free when I am not tethered to a constant line of visuals and endless consumption. The funny thing about taking a step away is that people automatically assume that something bad has happened. When in reality, I have everything I could ever want here and now. There are so many beautiful things in life and love to be grateful for.


Winter is passing by and I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. I am looking forward to being this baby girl’s mother more than anything. This time of ordered rest has led me to come back to the one thing I do miss about having a blog. I have always loved having diary, a place to write down what I’m currently navigating. Noting the simple pleasures that bring joy and the small corners of worlds that I have been fortunate to see. Sharing it all and by chance, making a small wave. x